Hole Centres

The distance from centre to centre of the bearer bar and transverse bars.

Surface Type

The top edge of the grating which can be either Smooth, Serrated or Non-Slip.

Length/Span/Bearer Bar


The overall length of the grating panel. This dimension is always the
length of the bearer bar and indicates the span. This dimension can be
less than the width. This must run from support to support.

Width/Transverse Bar


This dimension is measured in the opposite direction to the length/span/ bearer bar.



A flat bar, the same size as the bearer bar, is welded to the perimeter of a grating panel.

Kick Flat.jpg

Kick Flat

A flat bar larger than the bearer bar that projects above the top of the  rating, welded to the edge of either  he panel and or any cut outs.

Non-Slip Nosing

Non-Slip Nosing.jpg

A non-slip plate welded to edge of the  grating on a landing area from a staircase. Also used on the front of a stair tread.


Cut Out.jpg

A section of flooring cut out to allow pipes, structural steel work to pass through or to create space for any other obstructions.

Unbanded Standard Panels

Supergrid standard panels are available ex-stock. Other sizes can be manufactured on request.

Supergrid unbanded standard panels are manufactured in SG43/50, SG50/50, SG43/40, SG44.5/50 and SG44.5/40.

Length x Span

(first dimension being
direction of bearer bar)
1 200mm x 1 200mm
2 400mm x 1 200mm
3 000mm x 1 200mm

(first dimension being
direction of bearer bar)

Custom Tailored Grating

Supergrid Tailored Grating is used for new installations
and for the replacement of complete floors. Tailored Grating
is manufactured to customer specifications, usually in the
form of detailed drawings.

Supergrid supply turnkey
component packages to suit any installation and all components are checked for quality and fit before despatch.